Our Mission

The purpose of A Child's Place Early Learning Center is to empower children to become confident, respectful, lifelong learners. Our mission is to help children see the world as an invitation to learn, grow, and live fully, and to see a world full of possibilities that are within their reach. Our commitment is to provide a loving, nurturing and safe place for children to begin their journey. Our programs are designed to help give children the foundation they need to build self-esteem, to encourage exploration and to reach higher levels of learning. The goal of A Child's Place Early Learning Center is to form a partnership with parents complimenting their primary role in providing care for their children and to ensure that the individual needs and concerns of every child and family are met. Come visit our Centers today and see how your families life will change.

Our History

A Child’s Place was founded in March of 2003 by Francine Maze, as an in-home daycare center out of her house in Gurnee, Illinois. After working for two years in the childcare industry, Francine found many flaws with the way in which they were run, and the enormous cost parents were paying for below average child care. Francine’s goal was to create a safe, loving and nurturing environment that made parents feel comfortable while they were at work, while ensuring that their children were educated and prepared for their futures. She also wanted to make sure that this could be done at an affordable price for the working families of the Gurnee community.

In 2005, Francine decided to take her vision to the next level, and located a new building in McHenry Illinois, that would accommodate about 100 children. She knew that by applying the principles she founded the in-home daycare center on to a larger group of families, she could impact many more children. The facility opened in April of 2005 with a few children enrolled. Within weeks, the McHenry facility grew quickly, and reached its capacity by the end of the Spring of 2005. Parents enjoyed the creative environment that was provided and appreciated that the price was reasonable. With the help of a wonderful staff, the McHenry childcare center was the place to be

In 2008, with the help of her husband Brian, Francine decided to expand the business into a new venture in Volo Illinois. Partnering with the Platford Corporation and First Midwest Bank, she was able to improve upon her original building design to a more open floor plan, that was even more inviting to children and families. With a truly unique design, the facility was very colorful, innovative and functional, in order allow each child to reach their potential. The staff was trained on many new techniques on how to care for and educate children of all ages. The Volo facility reached its capacity within the first 4 months of opening.

In 2009, the lease at the McHenry facility was ending and there was an opportunity to build a free standing facility down the road. This building design would take some of the advancements from Volo, and put them into a larger facility, to accommodate the waiting list of families that wanted to register for the program. In November 2009, A Child’s Place officially moved into it’s current home in the Adams Commercial Park. With the help of the State Bank of the Lakes, Francine was able to reach her dream of owning her own facility, and designing it to meet all of the needs of a State of the Art childcare center. The large open floor plan, with a true indoor gymnasium, and new equipment raised the expectation level for the parents of McHenry, who truly deserved it. The children love coming to their “Apple” school every day.

The future of A Child’s Place is very bright. In August of 2011 the Big Hollow School District, in Ingleside Illinois, contracted with A Child’s Place of Volo to run an on-site before and after school program. It is very exciting to know that a school district would trust our center on operating such a project. Currently the Big Hollow program is serving over 30 families in the Fox Lake, Ingleside, Round Lake and Volo communities. Finally these families have a great environment to send their children to before and after school. In addition, by the end of 2011, A Child’s Place once again partnered with State Bank of the Lakes and Quincy Construction to purchase a lot in Antioch for its third location. This center, located on the corner of Deep Lake Rd. and Rt. 173, will serve Antioch, Lake Villa, and the many commuters coming from Wisconsin. The center opened on August 24, 2012 to meet the childcare needs of the area, and allow school-age parents to have a center that is close to home. This center serves the residents of the community and families with children in District 34.We are very excited about the current status and future of A Child’s Place, and want each and every family to know that we understand that your child is your most precious gift in life. Caring for your child is an honor and a blessing. We promise to provide quality care for your child in a safe, healthy, and caring environment. We built our centers based on this principle and will continue to work hard and improve so that your child has the best childcare experience possible. Our motto has always been, and will continue to be “Preparing Children for a Lifetime of Learning”.